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Boat Buying Guide: How To Buy A Boat

The Ultimate Guide To Buying A Boat

Boating is good for you. No, really — author and marine biologist, Dr. Wallace J. Nichols conducted research that found that people experience emotional, behavioral, and psychological benefits of being near, in, on, or under water. And you may notice that as well! Boating, and being on the water in general, release those feel-good hormones that make you smile from ear to ear. So why not have access to a boat whenever you want?

Buying a boat — whether as a first-time owner or a veteran owner — is a big deal. It’s exciting, freeing, and confusing all at the same time. Confusing, only because there may be a million questions running through your head such as where do I start? What boat do I want? What certifications do I need? All valid questions. We created the ultimate guide to buying a boat to help you understand the process and get on the water. Let’s get started.

Determine your boat: What type of boat is best for you?

Catamaran sailing

First things first, figure out what type of boat you want and how you’ll use it.

  • Do you envision yourself taking offshore fishing trips with friends? A sportfish or center console might be the best place to start your search.

  • Are you dreaming of sailing into the sunset at a leisurely pace? A monohull or catamaran sailboat is the perfect boat for that.

  • Or, are thinking about using a boat for entertaining guests or cruising along the coasts? An express cruiser or motor yacht offers enough onboard space for guests to feel comfortable while underway.

There are so many different types of boats on the market that it might seem like a tough decision. Narrow down your search by determining: