Bareboat Skipper Referrals

On occasion our guests will ask for referrals to hire a local captain or skipper to assist in operating the vessel they rented. Some folks do this because they don't feel comfortable operating the vessel on their own, others because they'd like to be able to enjoy some adult beverages and don't want to operate the vessel under the influence. No matter the reason though, Bluesail is happy to offer referrals to some locally qualified skippers that can be hired.

The referral list and individual skippers provided below do not in any way represent, warrant, or guarantee competency of the referred skipper. While Bluesail has conducted a thorough review of each skipper’s competency, we do not endorse or require a bareboat charterer to hire from this list. We recommend interviewing several candidates, verifying experience and credentials, and obtain references before hiring. A bareboat charterer may hire any qualified skipper he/she wishes, however under the Bareboat Rental Agreement the chosen skipper must either:

  1. hold a valid International Certificate of Competency (the “ICC”)

  2. hold a valid Sailing License & Credentials (the “SLC”) or

  3. successfully pass an on-site competency evaluation overseen by an assessor selected by Bluesail.

Jack Clayton


Mobile: (305) 922-1429


Bluesail boat experience: All boats

Dan Tonini


Mobile: (207) 420-6008

Bluesail boat experience: Rogue Angel, Kaimana, Southern Crosser

Danny Ledbetter


Mobile: (469) 671-4751


Bluesail boat experience: All boats

Tyler Martin


Mobile: (209) 471-4050

Bluesail boat experience: All boats


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