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Want to skipper your own sailboat on a vacation with family or friends.  Our Bareboat Charter Master clinics will prepare you to safely run your own bareboat.  From mastering food and fuel provisioning to passage planning, anchoring, and navigating on a multi-day voyage, this rank evaluates you on 50 skills across 6 primary areas of focus.  

Yacht Deck


Already have experience but want more sea time to strengthen your core competencies? Our Skipper Large Keelboat clinics are the perfect next step!  Upon successfully passing the online theory courses, practical training, and assessment, you will receive the Skipper Large Keelboat rank and be able to serve as a highly competent skipper on a keelboat of 26 feet or greater.

Sailing Time


Do you have limited or no experience but want to get into sailing to see if it's a sport you want to pursue long term?  Upon successfully passing the online theory courses, practical training and assessment, you will receive a Qualified Crew ranking and be able to serve as a competent crew member aboard any sailing vessel.  This clinic is perfect for couples looking to get into sailing!



Do you already have a Bareboat Charter Master rank and want to take your skills to the next level?  Are you considering a catamaran purchase?  Obtaining a Catamaran Endorsement on your sailing resume is the perfect fit! Learn the essential differences between catamarans and monohulls in our Catamaran Endorsement clinics 

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