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Living On A Boat: Frequently Asked Questions

Diving into the liveaboard lifestyle.

The pandemic put things into perspective for a lot of folks. For Dave and Lynda, that meant embracing what makes them happy (traveling) and turning it into a lifestyle (onboard their Leopard 45). Bluesail was lucky enough to welcome Dave and Lynda to our sailing school where they took their maritime skills to the next level. From there, they sailed away on their catamaran to embark on a new adventure (read our in-depth interview here or follow them on Facebook).

The thought of living onboard a boat full time while traveling is exciting, but it's not for everybody. We asked Dave and Lynda some frequently asked questions about living on a boat full time...with three dogs in tow.


What are some features onboard your Leopard 45 that made you decide this was THE boat for your new liveaboard lifestyle?

Leopard 45 Sailing Catamaran
Dave & Lynda's 2022 Leopard 45

When we were looking at boats, we viewed everything through the lens of our expected liveaboard experience: just the two of us operating the boat (usually single-handed during long passages), and with three dogs. We needed to be sure that there was enough room for all of us and the occasional guests. It needed to be comfortable, safe, and not too expensive...there were a lot of factors in the equation.

I (Dave) went to Fort Lauderdale, Florida to look at a bunch of boats of different sizes and configurations. It wasn't until I stepped aboard the Leopard 45 that I finally felt like I found what I was looking for. The forward cockpit adds more living space, the forward saloon door provides quick and safe access to the front of the boat, and the layout of the saloon and galley is spacious enough that we’re not cramped into a small space when it's raining.