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What To Pack For A Day Sail Charter

Day Sail Packing List [Florida Keys]

What’s an inner battle that you struggle with before a vacation? If you answered ‘what to pack’... same. For the organized, creating a packing list is like riding a roller coaster at Six Flags. It’s exhilarating. For the rest of us, it’s daunting. Should you bring a pair of sneakers? Will you actually wear a nice shirt? And will the hotel have toothpaste? These are the questions we need answers to.

Now, we’re not packing gurus, but when it comes to packing for a sailing trip, we know the drill. And we’re not talking about a 7-day sailing trip along the Florida coast because that’s a different beast. We simply want to help you pack for a day trip on a sailing or power catamaran, because let’s face it, sometimes it’s more difficult to pack for a short excursion than an extended vacation.

When you book a bareboat or crewed day sail excursion with Bluesail, the catamaran or monohull will come with the essentials. Each boat is prepared with a first aid kit, life jackets, flashlight, navigation equipment/technology, radio, air conditioning, charging ports, and kitchen supplies. These are luxury vessels after all. So what should you bring?

Here are our best recommendations for what to pack for a day sail charter with Bluesail in the Florida Keys.

Sailing Catamaran Florida Keys

Sunglasses + Hat