Unforgettable small group live-aboard sailing experiences throughout one of the world's most breathtaking coral cay archipelagos.


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Learn to Sail

Progressive education using modern technology

Learn to sail with our fully accredited sailing education program through NauticEd. Unlike any other program offered in the market today, the NauticEd curriculum and licensure process adheres to the U.S. Coast Guard approved American National Standard for sailing. Bluesail's practical training clinics when combined with NauticEd's ranking and licensure program is also recognized by bareboat charter companies globally.

Bluesail is an affiliate of NauticEd, a company that specializes in progressive relevant, and globally recognized sailing education.  The NauticEd program by Bluesail offers the most advanced sailing methods in addition to being recognized and verified by maritime regulatory and enforcement bodies globally.


Competence vs. Certifications

Any reputable bareboat charter operator will require a full sailing resume, stocked full of experience, before being permitted to skipper a vessel.  While certifications from various sailing education bodies are helpful and have their place in sailing, owners, operators and insurance carriers around the world are increasingly looking for competency rather than certifications. 


Bluesail combines your online theory-based coursework with practical on-the-water experience to create a comprehensive sailing resume that meets the requirements of bareboat charter operators around the world.  Don't be fooled by 5-10 day courses that guarantee a bareboat certification, as most operators will not accept merely those certificates.  If you want to bareboat on your own, focus on our Bareboat Charter Master rank and work toward your Sailing License & Credentials (SLC), accepted in the Mediterranean, Europe, the Caribbean, the United States, and other areas around the globe!

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Getting Started...

Identify your sailing goals

Request a Custom Training Clinic

Step 3

Complete online coursework and attend the clinic